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Speach marks Had my first session with Frankie yesterday afternoon and I am completely over the moon. Not only did she make me feel so relaxed and comfortable, but was able to identify my issues and create a plan moving forward to make me more comfortable! After living in pain for over 3 years, I'm excited to finally be taking steps to be pain free. 1000% recommend! Can't wait for my next visit!. Speach marks Nikki Welch

Speach marks Really expert service. I have very complex spinal issues and have the confidence to work with Frankie to help me keep a great level of mobility and quality of life.
She also works on my friend's horses and maintains their level of performance. The difference in them after they have received a treatment is brilliant. Speach marks Alison Sandford

Speach marks First visit and immediately felt at ease, Ian and the team were friendly, professional and caring. Speach marks Debbie Cooper

Speach marks Had several treatments at Eyhorne Osteopathic Clinic to help with an ongoing neck problem. Very professional, efficient and friendly and the problem was solved in just two visits. Speach marks Ian Head

Speach marks I've been seeing Frankie for most of this year. I had a bad riding fall that left me pretty much unable to walk 3.5 years ago and was still having lots of trouble. Frankie has been so fantastic and I feel the best I ever have. My riding has also improved exponentially! Frankie also told me to go to the doctors as I showed symptoms of fibromyalgia...and I've now got a fibromyalgia diagnosis that would have otherwise been unknown and unmanaged. I cannot thank Frankie enough! Speach marks Lauren DeGrange

Speach marks I have been using Frankie's services for over 5 years. I know that without her help I could not continue to do all the sport that I enjoy so much. Thank you Frankie you are brilliant. Speach marks Sally Newing

Speach marks Frankie has over the last year or so helped me with a long standing complaint on my hip which has improved immensely and made the condition bearable. Thank you. Speach marks Mark Kennedy

Speach marks Twice I have been barely able to walk into the surgery and Frankie has worked her magic and I have walked out with barely any awkwardness of movement. Speach marks Andy Cavill

Speach marks My second session with Frankie and both have been superb and solved my problems immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anybody. Speach marks Mike Osbourne
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