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Animal Osteopathy

Animal Osteopathy explained

Animal osteopathy is the fastest-growing profession in the field of animal healthcare worldwide. Unlike humans, animals cannot tell us about their pain. Osteopathic reasoning with animals is largely based on careful observation and manual examination and a case history from those who deal with them day to day. Through the use of specific techniques developed in human osteopathy, osteopathic treatment addresses the structural and physical needs of an animal to relieve pain, improve movement and prevent injury. Osteopaths will work along side your vet to ensure the best possible care and advice is given.

The majority of animals currently seen by osteopaths are horses and dogs. Your horse or dog may need to see an osteopath due to noticeable changes in the behaviour and/or performance. For example, a horse will communicate their discomfort or pain by displaying symptoms such as:

small logo Poor / difference in performance during usual work
small logo Lameness / altered gate
small logo Weight shifting or reluctance to move
small logo Resistance or defensive when touched
small logo Resistance when mounting
small logo Bucking and rearing when asked to do simple work
small logo Inability to coordinate / taking long strides or adding one when jumping
small logo Difficulty in picking hooves up or when shoeing
small logo Unprovoked aggression / mood change

This list is by no means an exhaustive list of the common symptoms encountered when visiting a horse. Please contact us if you feel your animal would benefit from some osteopathic treatment.

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