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Francesca Murphy née Watts (fully qualified and registered with the GOsC) has been practising Osteopathy on animals now for seven years and specialises in equine and canine osteopathy.

The majority work carried out is on horses that are competing.
Working on sports horses (racing, showjumping, eventing, dressage etc. has proved to be of great benefit to their performance. It is now widely accepted in the veterinary world that osteopathy can play a great part in the overall health of and animal especially when competing and in full work.

Working closely with all veterinary surgeons concerned it is necessary to obtain a good case history of the horse and any previous treatment they may have had.

The main issue with owners is when you consult and Osteopath for your horse?

Equestrian Osteopath | Osteopathy

Below are a few bullet points that may help you to recognise problems often eradicated with Osteopathy:

· any change in habit or personality whilst riding/schooling
· lack of willingness to work
· lack of ability to perform good transitions (upwards and downwards)
· inability to work evenly on both reins
· inability to move straight
· lack of flexion
· poor ability to stretch whilst working
· uneven muscle development or tail to one side
· short stuffy striding
· dragging feet and scuffing or wearing shoes unevenly
· arthritis and neuralgic pain
· unexplained lameness (after veterinary examination)

These are but a few common problems that are encountered whilst treating horses.